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Domestic Solar Panels North Devon

We supply and install domestic solar panels throughout North Devon. Whether you are interested in reducing your energy costs, doing your bit for the environment or need to achieve SAP calculations for a new build property, our solar panel installations offer great solutions.

Our expert team can help you get the best PV system for your home. We will conduct a thorough survey of your property and advise you on which system would suit your roof space, needs and budget.

Domestic solar PV installations are also eligible for SEG tariffs (from Jan 2020) and the financial incentives are even greater.*

With many years of experience in the solar power industry, we can offer you a personal and dedicated service that will improve your home’s energy efficiency. 

For our installation service, get in touch with our skilled and knowledgeable team today on 01769 560715. And be sure to check out our Projects page for examples of our latest work.

Solar Panels for Homes

We offer a range of solar panels for homes across the South West. Our installations suit a range of properties and we offer the following styles:


Integrated roof solar tile systems take the place of regular roof slates and tiles, which is a perfect option for a less obvious and intrusive appearance. We have in-roof systems from leading manufacturer GSE, so we can help you achieve the look you want. Furthermore, our systems are finished with flashing that will ensure your roof is completely watertight and weatherproof.


Our on-roof solar PV systems are mounted on the framework that is attached to the existing roof. Anchors sit beneath the slates or tiles and fix to the rafters. A gap is also created between the roof and the panels, as this allows air to pass underneath and cool the modules for optimum efficiency. We install a Schletter mounting kit which is high-quality, durable and has aesthetic appeal.

Free Standing

Where a pitched roof is not available, a free standing solar panel system can be installed on a flat roof or be ground mounted. We will install these systems so they are at the optimum angle and orientation. Our systems are by Schuco who have developed a range of sleek and modern flat roof and ground-mounted PV systems.

Ground-Mounted and Flat Roof Trays

If you are looking for the optimal solution for small, medium or large-scale solar PV systems on flat surfaces, this is the system for you.

The ConSole+ system by Renusol is the ideal solution for installing PV modules on flat roofs with a pitch of up to 5 degrees without roof anchoring, as this causes no roof damage.

Also suitable for ground-mounted installations – especially for landfills, rocky undergrounds and conversion sites.

The ConSole+ provides an angle of 15 degrees.

Export Limitation

If you are looking to expand your existing system, this is now possible whilst still complying with requirements from your Distribution Networks Operator (DNO). Using export limitation equipment, we can ensure that no more than 16amps goes back out to the grid so your domestic system can be expanded from 4kW to 8kW.

Power Divertors

A great way of utilising any ‘spare’ energy from your PV panels is to divert it to your hot water cylinder to heat your water for free.

Instead of surplus power going back to the grid it gets re-routed to the immersion heater in your hot water cylinder. The cylinder is charged from your PV rather than your boiler. This saves on fuel for your boiler by utilising energy that would normally be lost to the grid.

Installing a Solar iBoost is much cheaper than installing a whole Solar Thermal system and can be installed for around £500.

SolarEdge also have an Immersion Controller for those with a SolarEdge system

Power Divertor Solar iBoost for solar panels
geo monitoring for solar panels


Installing a monitoring system along with your PV installation is a great way of understanding your generation, usage, import and export information before you take the plunge and install a battery storage system.

Installing a Geo III will also help when it comes to correctly sizing a retrofitted battery system.

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For domestic solar panels in North Devon, get in touch with our professional installers today.

*To access a smart export tariff under the Smart Export Guarantee, there is a requirement to provide evidence your installation is MCS (or equivalent) certified. 

To benefit from the SEG, exporters must be able to demonstrate to suppliers that their generating equipment, and its installation, has been adequately certified. This in practice means providing evidence that they are certified to MCS or an equivalent standard.

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